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Michigan Proprietary Varieties


Rated in the top 10% by both brewer and grower trials in 2013, Mackinac hops were released as a super-aroma hop in 2014 by Great Lakes Hops. Described as having a robust tropical and citrus aromas and flavor. Higher alpha acids range 9.2- 10.5%, Beta acids 3.0-3.47%, Cohumulone is relatively low 28%. Great in the new beers trending toward fruity, smooth profile with excellent foam characteristics.


Brand new 2019 Great Lakes Hops release after 4 years of research/trials by Michigan brewers. Described as herbal, stone fruit, tropical spice, melon with bright flavors. Alpha acids 10.2%, Beta 3.9%, Cohumulone 32.8%, Colupulone 57.7%, total oil 1.8ml/100g, Mycrene 24.6%, Caryophyllene 2.65%, Humulene 4.47%. Brewers are excited to see this hop available in 2019. PMH is a member of the Growers Group growing this new Michigan Hop!

MI Copper

Another 2014 Great Lakes Hops propagated hop described as a vigorous super-aroma with fragrant floral and tropical fruit aromas and flavors. Alphas 9.5%-11.5%, Betas 2.45-2.55%, Cohumulone < 32% and high oils @ 1.75 ml/100g. MI Copper also has good reviews from Michigan brewers.

Established Hop Varieties



An American triploid variety developed in 1993 from Hallertau, Cascade, Brewer's Gold and Early Green. Quite aromatic, fruity.

  • Beer styles: Pale ale, India pale ale, Pilsner,Lager

  • Similar Hops: Mt.Hood, Strisslespalt, Hallertau, Hersbrucker, Liberty

  • Aroma: Spicy, Floral

  • Purpose: aroma

  • Origin: United States of America


Cascade is one of the many varieties of hop. Cascade hops are the most widely used hops by craft breweries in the USA.

  • Beer styles: American Pale Ale

  • Similar Hops: Centennial, Amarillo

  • Aroma: citrus, floral

  • Purpose: dual-purpose

  • Origin: United States of America

  • Scientific name: Humulus Lupulus 'Cascade'


A high-alpha, all-purpose superior noble hop.

* Beer styles: wide range of beers.

* Similar Hops: a “super-Golding”

* Aroma: Noble Golding, mellow

* Purpose: all-purpose American hop

* Origin: Serbian Northern Brewer X Golding

Brewers Gold

A heirloom American hop, parent to many high-alpha bittering varieties.

* Beer styles: English Ales, Porter, Pilsners

* Similiar Hops: Magnum, Galena, Newport

* Aroma: black currant, citrusy

* Purpose: aroma/bittering

* Origin 1919 cross ManitobaXEnglish


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