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About the Farm

Pure Mitten Hops sells our hops “grower-direct-to-brewer”. Use the Contact page for information regarding ordering.

Pure Mittens Hops has been growing quality West Michigan hops since 2014. Family owned and operated, PMH is solar-power, environmentally aware with a MEAEP Certification, a charter member of Hop Growers of Michigan and a Verified Source grower with HGM. Our focus is growing the very best hops for craft brewers throughout Michigan and beyond, with shipments to brewers within 3 days of ordering. PMH is a grower for Great Lakes Hops’ proprietary hops: Mackinac, MI Copper and the newly released Paradigm hop available for sale in Fall of 2019. Also available are Cascade, Crystal, Brewers Gold and Vojvodina pelletized T-90 hops in 11 lb. packages. Owners Justin & Mandy, Mary & Morrie Dieleman sell grower direct to brewers to insure the freshest hops delivered to your brewery. We enjoy brewers visiting the field in early August which allows brewers to select the hops they want for the coming brew year. Wet hops are available during the 4 weeks of harvest so plan your Harvest Brews early.

Enjoy the sun!


Our Family

Justin Dieleman & Mandy Camp Dieleman


Justin and Mandy have done countless hours of research to produce the best quality hops possible. They are excited to share their crop with beer lovers across the midwest.


Morrie & Mary Dieleman


Ready for retirement, Morrie and Mary decided to go into the hop farming business. Now they work harder than ever to bring quality hops to breweries you love.


Jason Camp

Builder/Farm developer

Jason is Mandy's brother, and a friend to Justin. 


The Equipment

Trellis Field

It all starts here, the plants gotta grow before we can harvest, and you can drink!


Wolf Hop Picker

Way better than by hand, this beast takes in whole vines on one end and spits out just the hops on the other.



Custom made by Justin and Jay, the dryer takes the fresh hops and dries them to perfection, ready for processing.



Better than taking buckets full of hops, this high pressure compressor, packs 120lbs of hops into a brick, ready for shipping.


Solar array

The sun not only grows our hops, but plays a large part in powering the whole farm. Even with the Wolf and dryer running, Pure Mitten Hops gets about 95% of their electricity from the sun.