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About the Farm

Morrie and Mary Dieleman, along with their son and daughter-in-law, Justin and Mandy began planning a hop yard two years ago as a retirement investment with their family. The first nine months was quite the journey as they spent time taking classes, researching, developing a business plan, purchasing land, obtaining permits, and creating a fully solar powered system.  

In April of 2014 they started farming, tilling the land, clearing it, and having 11 acres of trellis built along with the barn and well.  They currently have 11,000 plants and had a good harvest in 2018. 

With the purchase of a larger 260 WOLF harvester, they are able to harvest, dry, bale and freeze the hops. PMH contracts with a hop processer for T-90 pellets, nitrogen purged and vacuum sealed 11 lb. bags, boxed and ready for shipping. They also continued to learn with workshops, conferences, and visits with other hop growers. As a grower partner with Great Lakes Hops, PMH has 2 experimental hops being brewed by area brewers with exciting results.

Enjoy the sunshine!


Our Family

Morrie & Mary Dieleman


Ready for retirement, Morrie and Mary decided to go into the hop farming business. Now they work harder than ever to bring quality hops to breweries you love.


Justin Dieleman & Mandy Camp Dieleman


Justin and Mandy have done countless hours of research to produce the best quality hops possible. They are excited to share their crop with beer lovers across the midwest.


Jason Camp

Builder/Farm developer

Jason is Mandy's brother, and a friend to Justin. 




What farm would be complete without a few chickens. The PMH family enjoy the fresh eggs these farm pets give them



pollination & Honey Production

The unsung heros of any farm are the bees. They are responsible for pollinating the plants and helping them grow year after year.

The Equipment

Trellis Field

It all starts here, the plants gotta grow before we can harvest, and you can drink!


Wolf Hop Picker

Way better than by hand, this beast takes in whole vines on one end and spits out just the hops on the other.



Custom made by Justin and Jay, the dryer takes the fresh hops and dries them to perfection, ready for processing.



Better than taking buckets full of hops, this high pressure compressor, packs 120lbs of hops into a brick, ready for shipping.


Solar array

The sun not only grows our hops, but plays a large part in powering the whole farm. Even with the Wolf and dryer running, Pure Mitten Hops gets about 80% of their electricity from the sun.