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Everything You Need To Know About Rugby Sevens Game Schedule

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Schedule: Rugby Sevens, a faster-paced and more intense version of traditional rugby union, has grown in popularity around the world. With only seven players per team and seven-minute halves, the game is designed to be exciting and action-packed. If you’re a fan or a newcomer looking to get into the sport, understanding the Rugby Sevens game schedule is crucial. This blog will delve into the intricacies of the schedule, the structure of major tournaments, and what fans can expect throughout the season.

Understanding Rugby Sevens

Before diving into the schedule, it’s important to grasp the basics of Rugby Sevens. The sport features seven players on each side, playing on a full-sized rugby pitch. The matches are much shorter than traditional rugby, consisting of two halves of seven minutes each, with a two-minute halftime break. This makes for a fast, high-scoring game that keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

The World Rugby Sevens Schedule Series

The World Rugby Sevens Series is the premier international circuit for Rugby Sevens, organized by World Rugby. The series consists of multiple tournaments held across the globe, where national teams compete for points that accumulate over the season. Here’s a breakdown of a typical World Rugby Sevens Series schedule.

Season Structure

  • Duration: The series usually runs from December to June.
  • Tournaments: There are typically 10-12 tournaments each season, held in different countries.
  • Teams: 16 core teams compete in each tournament, with additional invitational teams joining specific events.
  • Points System: Teams earn points based on their performance in each tournament. The team with the most points at the end of the series is crowned the champion.

Schedule the Key Tournaments

  1. Dubai Sevens (UAE)
  • The Dubai Sevens kicks off the series in early December. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and competitive matches, this tournament sets the tone for the season.
  1. Cape Town Sevens (South Africa)
  • Held in mid-December, the Cape Town Sevens combines a festive atmosphere with high-stakes rugby. The backdrop of Table Mountain adds to the tournament’s unique appeal.
  1. Sydney Sevens (Australia)
  • Typically held in late January, the Sydney Sevens is a favorite among fans for its beachside vibe and thrilling rugby action.
  1. New Zealand Sevens
  • Usually scheduled for early February, this tournament is a highlight in the rugby-mad nation of New Zealand, drawing huge crowds and top-notch competition.
  1. USA Sevens (Las Vegas)
  • Held in late February or early March, the USA Sevens brings the excitement of Rugby Sevens to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas.
  1. Canada Sevens (Vancouver)
  • In mid-March, the Canada Sevens features a fantastic indoor atmosphere at BC Place Stadium, offering a unique viewing experience.
  1. Hong Kong Sevens
  • Arguably the most famous Sevens tournament, the Hong Kong Sevens takes place in early April. Known for its electric atmosphere and carnival-like setting, it’s a must-watch for any rugby fan.
  1. Singapore Sevens
  • Held in mid-April, the Singapore Sevens is growing in popularity, attracting fans from across Asia and beyond.
  1. London Sevens
  • The penultimate tournament, usually in late May, the London Sevens at Twickenham Stadium is a key event as teams jostle for final positions.
  1. Paris Sevens
  • The series finale in early June sees teams compete at the Paris Sevens, where the overall champion is crowned.

Tournament Format

Each tournament in the World Rugby Sevens Series follows a similar format:

  1. Pool Stage:
  • Teams are divided into four pools of four teams each.
  • Each team plays three matches in the pool stage.
  • The top two teams from each pool advance to the Cup Quarterfinals.
  1. Knockout Stage:
  • The Cup Quarterfinals lead to the Cup Semifinals, and ultimately the Cup Final.
  • Teams that do not progress to the Cup Quarterfinals compete in the Challenge Trophy, a secondary competition.
  • The tournament concludes with the Bronze Final (third place match) and the Cup Final (first place match).

Olympic Rugby Sevens

Rugby Sevens made its Olympic debut at the 2016 Rio Games and has since become a key part of the Olympic schedule. The Olympic Rugby Sevens tournament is held over three days, with a condensed schedule to accommodate the multi-sport format of the Games.

Olympic Schedule

  1. Day 1: Pool Matches
  • Teams are divided into pools, and each team plays multiple matches on the first day to determine standings.
  1. Day 2: Pool Matches and Quarterfinals
  • The remaining pool matches are played, followed by the quarterfinals.
  1. Day 3: Semifinals and Finals
  • The final day features the semifinals, placement matches, and the gold medal match.

The Olympic format is intense and thrilling, with matches played back-to-back in a festival of rugby.

Women’s Rugby Sevens

The Women’s Sevens Series runs parallel to the men’s series, featuring many of the same locations and a similar schedule. The growth of women’s rugby has been phenomenal, and the Women’s Sevens Series showcases some of the best athletes in the sport.

Key Differences

  • Number of Tournaments: The women’s series typically has fewer tournaments than the men’s series, often around 6-8 events per season.
  • Combined Events: Several tournaments feature both men’s and women’s competitions, offering fans a comprehensive rugby experience.

Regional and Domestic Sevens

Beyond the international stage, regional and domestic Rugby Sevens competitions also play a vital role in the sport’s ecosystem. These tournaments help develop local talent and bring the excitement of Sevens to a broader audience.

Notable Regional Competitions

  1. European Sevens Series
  • Features teams from across Europe competing in multiple tournaments.
  1. Asian Sevens Series
  • Growing in prominence, this series showcases the best teams from Asia.
  1. Pacific Games
  • Includes a Rugby Sevens tournament, highlighting teams from the Pacific Islands.

Domestic Competitions

  • National Championships: Many countries hold national Sevens championships, where club teams compete for the title.
  • University and School Competitions: Sevens is a popular format at the university and school levels, providing a pathway for young talent.

Key Dates to Remember

To help you keep track of the Rugby Sevens action, here are some key dates for the upcoming season:

  • December: Dubai Sevens, Cape Town Sevens
  • January: Sydney Sevens
  • February: New Zealand Sevens, USA Sevens
  • March: Canada Sevens
  • April: Hong Kong Sevens, Singapore Sevens
  • May: London Sevens
  • June: Paris Sevens

Watching Rugby Sevens

With its growing popularity, watching Rugby Sevens has never been easier. Major tournaments are broadcast globally, and many matches are available for streaming online. Check local listings and streaming platforms to catch the action.


Rugby Sevens offers a dynamic and fast-paced alternative to traditional rugby, with a schedule that keeps fans engaged throughout the year. Whether it’s the prestigious World Rugby Sevens Series, the excitement of the Olympic Games, or regional and domestic competitions, there’s always a Sevens tournament to look forward to. By understanding the schedule and structure of these events, you can fully appreciate the skill, speed, and excitement that Rugby Sevens brings to the world of sport.

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