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How To Get Small Game Arrows Rdr2 Online

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“Red Dead Redemption 2 Online” (RDR2 Online) offers an expansive and immersive world that entices players with its detailed environments and rich gameplay. Among the various elements that enhance the gaming experience are the diverse hunting mechanics. One crucial aspect of hunting in RDR2 Online is using the right ammunition for different types of game. Small game arrows are particularly important for players looking to hunt smaller animals like rabbits, squirrels, and birds. These arrows allow for clean kills and ensure that the pelts and meat are preserved in perfect condition. In this guide, we’ll explore how to acquire and craft small game arrows, essential for any budding hunter in the game.


Understanding Small Game Arrows

Before diving into the process of obtaining small game arrows, it’s important to understand their role and why they are necessary. In RDR2 Online, using standard arrows or bullets on small animals can cause significant damage, rendering their pelts poor or worthless. Small game arrows, however, are designed to kill small animals cleanly without damaging their valuable parts. This makes them indispensable for players looking to maximize their hunting rewards, especially when aiming for perfect pelts required for crafting or selling at high prices.

The Importance of the Right Ammunition

Using the right ammunition in RDR2 Online is crucial for both effective hunting and resource management. Small game arrows are specifically designed to inflict minimal damage while ensuring a clean kill. This is especially important because standard arrows or firearms can ruin the quality of the pelts, making them less valuable. High-quality pelts are necessary for crafting specific items and can be sold for higher prices. Therefore, having small game arrows in your arsenal ensures that you can take down small animals with precision, preserving their value and maximizing your hunting efficiency.

Acquiring the Recipe for Small Game Arrows

To craft small game arrows, players first need to obtain the recipe. The recipe is not available at the start of the game; it must be unlocked. There are a few methods to obtain the recipe, typically through progression or purchases. One way to acquire the recipe is by leveling up your character and unlocking it through the rank progression rewards. As you rank up, you will be given the option to purchase various crafting recipes from the catalogue, including the one for small game arrows. Alternatively, players can also buy the recipe directly from a fence. Fences are specialized vendors in RDR2 Online that sell unique items, including crafting recipes and the small game arrow pamphlet.

Crafting Small Game Arrows

Once you have obtained the recipe, crafting small game arrows is a straightforward process. You will need a bow, which is a staple for hunting in RDR2 Online, and a few specific materials. The primary components for crafting small game arrows are regular arrows, flight feathers, and shotgun shells. Regular arrows can be purchased from any gunsmith or crafted with standard materials. Flight feathers are gathered from birds, which must be hunted down and plucked. Shotgun shells are either bought or looted from enemies. When you have these items, go to a campfire or any crafting location, open the crafting menu, and select small game arrows to combine the materials.

Efficiently Collecting Crafting Materials

To maintain a steady supply of small game arrows, it’s essential to gather the necessary crafting materials efficiently. Regular arrows are relatively easy to acquire, but flight feathers and shotgun shells require a bit more effort. Birds can be found throughout the world of RDR2 Online, and hunting them can provide a good supply of feathers. Species like ducks, seagulls, and eagles often yield flight feathers. It’s helpful to have a dedicated time or route for hunting these birds. As for shotgun shells, they are commonly found by looting enemies or purchased from gunsmiths. Keeping an eye on your inventory and replenishing your stock whenever possible ensures you’re always ready to craft small game arrows.


Using Small Game Arrows in Hunting

Armed with small game arrows, you can now hunt small animals with efficiency and precision. When out in the wilderness, look for small game such as rabbits, birds, and squirrels. These creatures often require a stealthy approach. Equip your bow with small game arrows and aim for a clean headshot to ensure the best quality pelt. The bow’s silent nature is ideal for not startling other nearby animals, making it easier to hunt multiple targets. Mastering the use of small game arrows not only enhances your hunting experience but also significantly boosts your returns from selling pelts and other animal parts.

Maximizing Your Rewards

Hunting with small game arrows is not just about clean kills but also about maximizing your rewards. Perfect pelts are highly valuable and can be sold for a good price or used to craft special items and outfits. Small game often yields other useful resources, like meat and animal parts, which can be sold or used in crafting. To get the most out of your hunting expeditions, focus on high-quality kills with your small game arrows and pay attention to the quality of the animals you are hunting. Using the in-game binoculars or Dead Eye targeting can help you identify animals’ quality before taking your shot.

Tips for Efficient Hunting

To become a successful hunter in RDR2 Online, there are a few tips and strategies to keep in mind. First, always be prepared with a good stock of small game arrows. Crafting them in batches ensures you won’t run out during a hunting trip. Secondly, learning the locations where small game is abundant will save you time. Areas with lots of trees, water sources, or specific biomes like the forests and swamps are great for finding small game. Lastly, consider investing in hunting-related abilities and upgrades, such as those that improve your tracking skills or increase your bow’s efficiency. These can give you an edge and make your hunting expeditions more fruitful.

Enhancing Your Hunting Gear

In addition to small game arrows, there are other pieces of gear and equipment that can enhance your hunting experience in RDR2 Online. Upgrading your bow to more advanced models increases your range and damage. Investing in a good saddle and horse increases your mobility and ability to carry more pelts and supplies. Clothing and talismans that boost your stealth and stamina can also be valuable, especially during long hunting sessions. Regularly upgrading and maintaining your gear ensures you’re always at your best when tracking and hunting small game.

The Role of Hunting in RDR2 Online

Hunting plays a significant role in the overall gameplay of RDR2 Online. It’s not just about survival but also about thriving in the wild west. Hunting provides resources for crafting, cooking, and trading. It’s also a way to participate in various in-game challenges and events, earning experience points and rewards. For players looking to immerse themselves fully in the frontier life, mastering hunting, especially with small game arrows, is a critical part of the journey. It adds depth to the game and provides a rewarding, skill-based activity that enhances the overall experience.



Small game arrows are a vital tool for any serious hunter in RDR2 Online. By understanding their purpose, obtaining the recipe, gathering materials, and effectively using them, players can enhance their hunting success and enjoy the many rewards it brings. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, mastering the art of crafting and using small game arrows opens up new opportunities for exploration and profit in the rich, dynamic world of RDR2 Online. So, grab your bow, stock up on arrows, and head into the wilderness for your next hunting adventure.

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